Sale and residual claim

Because we understand that after recovery of your object/property there is still a whole process to follow, we offer the possibility, within our range of services, to support you as a client in the further handling of a file.

Sale of the property:

After securing an object, it is possible that it will have to be sold. In order to relieve you of this task, Fidron can guide you through this process.

Fidron works in the field of remarketing with Hooikammer Automotive. They are specialized in the storage, cleaning, valuation and sale of confiscated objects.

Hooikammer Automotive has developed a platform for this project where you, as a vehicle owner, always have real time insight in the status of your objects. This platform is linked to an auction platform on which the objects can be offered to a large group of buyers (1500 active business relations). In this way, the objects are auctioned in a transparent and independent manner.

Collection of residual debt.

After the final sale of the financed object/property, in many cases a residual debt remains. The Fidron debt collection department will be happy to advise and support you in collecting these residual debts.

More information about selling seized objects or debt collection services? Contact us without obligation.

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