About Fidron

Fidron is a Private Investigation agency, founded in 2003 and focuses mainly on the automotive industry. Fidron is fully recognized and authorized by the Ministry of Justice and Security and The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This offers you the certainty that Fidron is a reputable partner for those who want to prevent or solve integrity problems efficiently and discretely.

Fidron is specialized in tracing, seizing and securing collateral on behalf of banks, financing, leasing and rental companies. Fidron also performs numerous investigations in the field of theft investigation and collection.

Licence Ministry of Justice and Security

In order to be able to perform legitimate detective work, Fidron has been licensed by the Ministry of Justice and Security since 2003. To each license a unique POB number is linked. POB is the abbreviation for Private Investigation Bureau. Without a license it is not allowed to perform detective work in the Netherlands and reports are not legally valid.

Besides having the right permits, all Fidron employees have been screened by the chief of police of the National Police and the investigators are in possession of the required identification card; Private Investigator.

Licence The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)

Besides tracing and confiscating vehicles and objects, Fidron also collects outstanding debts from debtors (intermediation). In order to be able to offer these consumer credit services, a licence from the AFM is required.

In 2017, the AFM issued the relevant licence to Fidron under number 12044875.

About the licence of the AFM:

On 14 November 2016, The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) published the guideline 'Consumers and debt collection procedures'. This guideline states, among other things, that a debt collection agency must apply for a licence if it mediates in credit or is a provider of credit. The AFM has also drawn the attention of credit providers to their responsibility in the event of collection problems in consumer credit.

In short, this means that credit providers may not use external parties that act as intermediaries in consumer credit and that are not licensed by the AFM.