Debt collection

Payment problems with your debtors?

Also for debt collection services you are at the right place at Fidron. Thanks to the official recognition of Fidron, we are allowed to mediate on behalf of our clients and collect outstanding debts.

Despite clear payment conditions and good agreements, debtors exceed the payment terms. Not only do you then unwittingly play the role of bank, in a worse case scenario your own liquidity and solvency will come under pressure.

In that case, Fidron will start working for you and will approach the debtor in question in order to turn the situation around in your favour.

Prior to visiting the debtor, written and/or telephone contact will be made where possible. The interests of the client are paramount during the collection procedure and therefore the costs incurred will initially be included in the claim, thus preserving your original turnover.

In the unlikely event that it proves impossible to collect the outstanding debt amicably, the Fidron collection specialists will provide the client with sound advice on the next (legal) steps to take.